Patches are avilable in 5 different sizes

Size 10x10cm

Size 10x15cm

Size 10x20cm

Size 10x25cm

About SuperHeal

A new class of dressings that are smart and can sense the wound environment

SUPERHEAL prevents bacterial infection by adequate sealing of the wound.

SUPERHEAL contains bacterial and fungal proliferation and limit infection morbidity and eradicate the pathogens.

SUPERHEAL is oxygen permeable it allow oxygen access to growing tissue.

SUPERHEAL does not damage the proliferating cell while removing the dressing.

SUPERHEAL keeps delivering drugs at wound site for more than 72 hour

SUPERHEAL is able to release the drug uniformly at desired rate on wound site

SUPERHEAL has excellent exudates management.

SUPERHEAL guarantee gas and build permeability in order to absorb odors, maintain moist conditions and avoid dehydration and exudates accumulation.

SUPERHEAL has been recognized by various respected and renowned journals.

Why SuperHeal?

  • Promotes cell migration
  • Accelerates Fibroblast proliferation
  • Reduces microbial load
  • Enhances neo vascularization

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